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From main street boutiques to the specialized craft stores deep in the heart of the country, we work with retail stores of all types to drive business when they need it most.


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Be Top of Mind

You know the importance of positioning your store as more convenient, more helpful, and more accessible than online options. You are down the street, don’t require shipping, and customers can see, touch and try out before they buy. Closeby® Text Marketing puts your business on your customers’ phone making you top of mind when they consider a purchase. You can remind them of seasonal offerings, great discounts, upcoming sales, and of course items they forgot they needed.

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Attract New Customers

As a retail business you need to showcase your products and offerings when customers are looking to buy. AMP offers a professional Google Street View Trusted virtual tour which allows you to invite customers and potential customers to experience the ambiance and décor of your business. And guess what– it also increases your online visibility and separates you from your competition. Even if you have a well-managed online presence, Google’s own guidance states that “listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest.”



Four Seasons Florist
Scott Steinholtz
The OPTIMA™ staff are great people to work with. They walked through our business and took nice pics so our online customers could have a great view of what we really do in the shop. The staff has also given us ideas of what to post about my business. By doing these things, the OPTIMA™ Program has greatly increased our consistency between all the search engines.
Lily Pads ReSale Boutique
Rosanna Stremlau
The best part of the CloseBy® Text Program for me? That's easy...it's easy! I like being able to offer text marketing to our customers that text. It has brought into the store a new type of customer! I like being able to send texts immediately and also to be able to schedule them. I can set up an entire text campaign in one sitting. The staff behind the scenes have answered every question, helped with issues, and given me good ideas! My goal was to expand our customer base, which I was able to accomplish with the CloseyBy® Text Marketing Program!

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