Being found easily online is critical; managing your online image is key.


We build out your enhanced business profile at the major search sites to improve your visibility.
Reputation Management
We help you manage your online reputation, because businesses with positive reviews win far more customers.
Dedicated Account Manager
Online expertise is included! OPTIMA™ provides hassle-free maintenance and updates for your online presence.
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When customers go online we help YOU win their call

OPTIMA™ makes your business information more visible, consistent, and attractive across the top search sites. And we make sure it stays that way. In the online world, old content works against you, but you don’t likely have time to be continually managing your listings presence. Good news – we do it for you, ensuring that your listing content stays fresh and remains accurate.

OPTIMA™ Reputation Management

Online reviews are highly influential, and they often determine who gets called and who gets passed over. OPTIMA™ helps you create and manage a positive online reputation by arming you with simple tools to generate positive reviews for your business. Our practical program for fostering positive testimonials helps you tell the true story of your business. We provide a mobile-optimized Testimonial Page for your business that gathers and presents the views of your enthusiastic past clients in a manner that is balanced and favorable, building your online credibility and leading to confident calls from new customers.


Newswanger Fencing
Leon Newswanger
I've seen an increase in business since starting the OPTIMA™ Program. It has increased my reach into communities where I have never done jobs and don't have any referrals. I love that AMP handled everything for me and I didn't have to worry about keeping up with it. I almost have too much work to handle!
Nia Hair Spa
I really just want to thank OPTIMA™ for what they have done for my business. I am so busy now and people are calling me left and right. When people search for any of my services they are telling me I look great and that is the only reason they choose me over my competition. I ask all of my customers where they find me. Someone is always available to take my call when I want to make updates or add in new pictures and that is huge for me. Thank you OPTIMA™!
Leclaire Auto Body
Josh Neilson
OPTIMA™ has brought nothing but more customers to us! We have had customers come from out of town that have had car troubles and found us first on Google and Yelp. We are generating several reviews and I love how they are always placed on my website. I hadn't realized how important reviews can be for us.
Tri County Schools, Freeport, IL
Wendy Schardt
Our online information was incorrect because our school had changed locations. Some Google searches showed us as permanently closed, or we did not come up at all. Signing up for OPTIMA™ was smooth and I only had to speak with our account manager 3-4 times. We are now showing up with complete and accurate information. I also love the photos. I am pleased to know that if people are looking, we will now show up!
A+ Childrens Academy
Michelle Rouland
I love OPTIMA™! I had searched "Best Preschools in Peoria" and my listing had popped up 3rd on Google! Out of all the preschools located in Peoria I could not be happier with what OPTIMA™ has done for my business. My account manager has been very helpful and answers my emails and calls right away. I am opening up a new business in a couple months and can't wait to sign up with OPTIMA™!
Kroll Auto Sales
Adam Kroll
The OPTIMA™ program has helped my business so much. I use their reputation management program to get more positive reviews online. If you ever need anything, your account rep is always available to help out. I highly recommend this program.
Black And Yellow
Sealing And Striping Inc
Michael Hofmann
Obviously nowadays an online presence and reviews of your business are a MUST if you want to compete with your competition, So I’d definitely recommend these guys if you want to add to your marketing or if you're just a small business like us and just need to get in the game with an online presence and step by step help all along the way to make it super easy. Thanks OPTIMA™. 10 out of 10 in my book!!!
Lee's Salon
Su Chin
I have the OPTIMA™ Premium Visibility & Reputation Management Program! I love the new and enhanced testimonial website, it is classy and modern. I had three customers tell me how great my website looks and how easy it is to use. The site showcases my prices, reviews, and even my 360 Virtual Tour in plain site. Something else I enjoy with this program is the reputation link. I can text my clients this link to help generate more reviews online and they love how easy it is for them. Thank you OPTIMA™ for the amazing work you have done with my business!
Four Seasons Florist
Scott Steinholtz
The OPTIMA™ staff are great people to work with. They walked through our business and took nice pics so our online customers could have a great view of what we really do in the shop. The staff has also given us ideas of what to post about my business. By doing these things, this program has greatly increased our consistency between all the search engines.
Antioch Dental Center - Robert T. Sven, D.D.S., Ltd.
Cissy Nelson
Since signing up for the Premium Visibility and Reputation Management Program with OPTIMA™, I have seen a huge difference in our online visibility! We work with a few other companies that help us get reviews- but the recommendation cards are the most effective in achieving our desired results. Plus they are extremely cost effective too! They walk our customers through exactly how to leave a review on Google. There a lot of Dentists in our area and OPTIMA™ helps us set our business apart by looking professional and having a great reputation to match. We have been in business 50 years and we have used a variety of different marketing avenues. We love OPTIMA™!
Seabreeze Medical
Amy Brumfield PA-C
We opened our new practice in November in Neptune Beach Florida. Shortly after, opening we hired OPTIMA™ to help us with our website and online marketing. They have done a great job and have been easy to work with. They have been updating our website with the most recent reviews and I am happy to say our business is doing great!
CRG Auto Repair
Mona Gottwald
We love it and we love all the suggestions our account manager makes. She gives us tips on how to pass out the recommendation cards and what updates to make to our website and listings. We have "transient" customers who break down on I-88 and tell us they Googled auto repair and chose us because of our reviews. We are off the beaten path in an industrial park area so we appreciate that OPTIMA™ makes us visible Online since we are not visible from the main road in town. We've always worked at reviews but this is a more organized way of asking and then following up. It's been a really good thing getting involved with OPTIMA™. We recommend it for any business!
Escape 60 - Live Escape Room Adventures
Steve Rouland
OPTIMA™ gave us a leg up when we started our brand new business. Because of Optima’s expertise, we showed up, and jump position online quickly. I had seen my wife’s business struggle with other advertising companies and optimization products that didn’t work. AMP does a great job with my online presence.

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